It's tick season, are you ready?

February 11, 2019 3 min read

It's tick season, are you ready?

Queensland is the most beautiful state but it is also unfortunately the perfect state for ticks all year round. While we don’t have a specific tick season, the increasingly warmer weather coupled with a few fleeting moments of rain really creates the perfect environment for these parasites. Luckily with advancing science there are multiple products on the market to help protect your furry family members, feline and canine alike. The products available range from sprays, spot
on treatments, chews and collars. There is something to suit every lifestyle and every furry family member. Most of these products can also be used to protect and prevent against intestinal worms and fleas, hitting two birds with one stone!
The advancing science and array of products available can be daunting at times though that’s where Buckhams General Produce is happy to help explain the available products and how they can best benefit your family!

Alongside these products it is also important to ensure you do a daily tick check. Don’t stress it’s not a tedious task and can be done while sitting on the couch watching the latest episode of Home and Away! Using your hands and not your eyes, it’s important to give your fur kid a scratch/pat all over their body. Feeling between toes and their paw pads, behind ears, under collars, paying extra attention to there head, mouth, neck, chest and shoulders. Basically giving them the best scratch of their life, while also protecting their life at the same time! It’s that easy! Remembering, feel before you look. It’s also important to be extra cautious if your fur kids wonder in long grass, scrub, under trees, in bushes or your property gets visits from native wildlife.

Now, what happens if you find a tick? Remove it! You can use tweezers, a tick puller or your thumb and index finger, taking care to get as close to the skin as possible and to not squish the tick, if you are really concerned contact your vet clinic. If you can’t identify the tick species yourself, pop it into a ziplock bag to take to your vet for a quick identification, when there is one there is almost always more, so get those trusty scratching fingers out and search everywhere. This includes nose, inside cheeks and lips, around anus/prepuce/vulva and then everywhere else.

Early detection and treatment is absolutely critical if your fur kid has been bitten by a paralysis tick. If you are not sure on the identification of the tick you have removed, contact your vet.

The symptoms of a paralysis tick to look out for include: a change in voice (meow or bark not sounding normal), vomiting or retching, slight wobbliness of hindquarters which can advance to paralysis and inability to stand as well as difficulty breathing. If your pet is showing signs of a paralysis tick it’s very important to seek veterinary assistance right away.

Prevention is key and you’re already one step in the right direction by reading this! Head down to Buckhams General Produce for a chat with the staff about the current products available to ensure your fur kid is fully protected!

** do not use Advantix on your dogs if you have cats in the household **


Ella Ponsi

Staff - Buckhams General Produce