Barastoc Low GI 20kg


  • Low-starch and low-glycemic index feed for horses that cannot tolerate grain diets
  • Contains multiple super fibre sources and added omega rich oil
  • Contains KER buffered mineral complex (BMC) to improve gut health
  • BMC and organic trace minerals have been shown to enhance bone mineralisation

Feeding Guide:

Note: kg/day

Body Weight (kg) Development Stage Feeding Rate
100-200 Creep feeding foal 2-5 months of age 1.0-2.0
200-300 Weanling 5-12 months of age 2.5-3.0
300-400 Yearling 12-14 months of age 3.0-5.0
500 Pregnant mare 3.0-5.0
500 Lactating mare 4.0-6.0
500 Spelling horse, dry mare, idle, mature horse 2.0-4.0
500 Performance horse, light work 2.0-3.0
500 Performance horse, heavy work 3.0-5.0


Nutritional analysis:

Est digestible energy 12.5 MJ
Crude protein (min.) 15%
Crude fibre (max.) 12%
Crude fat (min.) 6%
Salt (min.) 1%
Lysine (min.) 0.75%
Methionine (min.) 0.4%
Starch (max.) 19%



Cereal co-products, vegetable protein meals, cereal grains, Barastoc superfibres, calcium carbonate, mono-di calcium phosphate, KER buffered mineral complex (BMC), omega rich vegetable oil, lysine, methionine, molasses, salt, bentonite, KER vitamin & mineral premix, organic chromium, copper, zinc and manganese.

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