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    Big Dog for Small Dogs Combo 1.5kg

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    Product description

    Smaller pattie size specicfically packaged for small dogs.
    Available in 1.5kg pack with 12 x 125g individual patties.

    With more tasty forms of protein than your dog could dream of, this combination of the highest quality, human-grade Australian beef, grass-fed lamb, RSPCA approved chicken, fresh Aussie pork and Tasmanian Salmon truly is a mouthful. This recipe includes the goodness of whole fish, muscle meat, vitamin and mineral-rich offal and nutrient-dense seasonal fruits and vegetables.

    With the addition of Big Dog’s special extra ingredients, including ginger, garlic, flaxseed, whole eggs, kelp, wheatgrass, probiotics and prebiotics, your dog will be happy, healthy and satisfied.

    Our Small Dog Combo is minced finer than our regular recipes for little tummies and comes in half size patties perfect for smaller eaters.


    Feeding Guide

    Note: patties/day

    Weight (kg) Puppies Healthy Adult Dogs
    1 0.3 0.2
    2 0.6 0.3
    3 1 0.5
    4 1.3 0.6
    5 1.6 0.8
    6 2 1


    Nutrient Analysis

    Protein 13%
    Fat 13.7%
    Fibre 1%
    Calcium 0.7%
    Phosphorus 0.5%



    Beef, finely ground beef bone and cartilage, lamb, finely ground lamb bone and cartilage, chicken, finely ground chicken bone and cartilage, pork heart, beef and lamb heart, beef and lamb liver, beef and lamb kidney, whole fish (salmon and sardines), seasonal fruits, vege and herbs (kale, spinach, broccoli, bok choy, silver beet, carrots, celery, beetroot, lettuce, cucumber, capsicum, apple, orange, pear, tomato, strawberry, ginger and parsley), cold pressed ground flaxseed, alfalfa powder, whole egg, kelp powder (brown seaweed), brewers yeast, wheatgrass, live probiotics, prebiotics, garlic.

    Storage & Handling

    • Keep frozen. Be sure to keep raw food portions frozen until ready for thawing.
    • Defrost properly. Place required portions of frozen raw food in the fridge and allow time for defrosting. If required sooner, place in hot water to thaw but not cook.

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    Big Dog for Small Dogs Combo 1.5kg


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