Coprice Rice Bran 20kg


  • Ultra cool supplementary feed
  • High in fat & energy dense
  • Source of essential amino acids
  • Naturally rich in antioxidants

Feeding guide:

Note: percentage inclusion in diet

Animal Max. 15% Max. 20% Max 25% Max 30%
Horses & ponies X
Dairy cattle X
Beef cattle X
Lambs & sheep X
Pigs - breeding X
Pigs - weaning X
Pigs - growing & finishing X
Poultry - laying chicks X
Poultry - laying hens X


Feeding instructions:

  • Feed a minimum of 1% of your horse’s body weight daily with high quality roughage such as hay, pasture and/or chaff.
  • Total daily feed intake should be 2-3% of body weight, depending on age, workload and climate.
  • If feeding over 0.5% body weight per day of pellets, divide into two smaller feeds.
  • Ensure horses always have access to clean, cool and fresh water.

Suggested feeding rates to be used as a guide only. The amount of feed required will depend on the quality of the pasture/forage, exercise intensity, dentition, metabolism and condition of the horse.

Nutritional analysis:

Crude protein (min.) 13%
Energy (DE horse & ponies) (min.) 14.5 MJ/kg DE
Oil 17%
Crude fat (min.) 17%
Crude fibre (max.) 10%
Salt Nil
Carbohydrate (max.) 25%
Calcium 0.05%
Phosphorus 1.6%
Magnesium 0.7%



Stabilised rice bran. May contain traces of oats, maize, wheat and soy, for this feed is made in the same mill as feeds containing these ingredients.

More Information: