Hygain Tru Gain 20kg

Hygain Tru Gain is a safe (slow release) and effective extruded high fat supplement, providing your horse with a cool energy source along with bio-available Vitamin E and Selenium. The increased energy density is designed to rapidly boost your horse’s body condition and assist performance horses in meeting their energy requirements.

Feeding Guide

Note: g/day

Small Horses/Ponies 250-500
Larger Horses 500-1000


Nutrient Analysis

Crude Protein 10%
Crude fat 20%
Crude Fibre (max) 18%
Calcium 1%
Phosphorous 0.5%
Vitamin E 700 IU/kg
Selenium 1 mg/kg



Rice Bran Oil, Bran, Legume Hulls, Soya-bean Meal, Natural Vitamin E, Bio-Available Selenium, Calcium Carbonate

More Information: https://www.hygain.com.au/feeds/tru-gain/