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    Leading Raw Senior 2.72kg

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    Product description

    For dogs over 7 years old.

    Leading RAW Senior has been formulated to meet the requirements of older dogs who are less active and no longer in need of body building nutrition but require essential sustenance to maintain good health and strong immunity.

    Health Benefits of Raw Feeding

    • Improved skin and coat condition.
    • Healthy teeth and gums.
    • Improved digestive function.
    • Reduced stool volume.
    • Orthopedic soundness.
    • Reduced body / breath odour.
    • Increased resilience to parasites.


    Nutrient Analysis

    Protein 12.5%
    Fat 9%
    Fibre Max. 1%
    Calcium 0.7%
    Phosphorus 0.4%



    Fresh meat trimmings (beef, lamb, chicken), ground bones and cartilage (beef, lamb, chicken), heart (beef, lamb), kidneys (beef, lamb), liver (beef, lamb), beef fat, seasonal green vegetables, naturally occurring vitamins and minerals.

    For a comprehensive feeding guide and more information, vistit;

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    Leading Raw Senior 2.72kg


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