Mitavite Extru Barley 20kg

A simple way to increase the energy of a ration.

Mitavite Extru Grains provide effective, safe feed-room options. Mitavite Extru Barley is an excellent source of energy and fibre, making it a popular ingredient in horse rations. When fed raw barley is poorly digested in a horse's small intestine. Rolling or steam-flaking improves digestibility a little, roasting significantly. Steam extrusion has the greatest effect, increasing digestibility to over 90% in the small intestine.

Feeding Directions

If feeding by dipper, replace 1 dipper of raw, rolled or cracked grains with one 1 dipper of Mitavite Extru grains.

If feeding by weight, when chaning from raw to Mitavite Extru grains reduce the weight fed by 30%.

Nutrient Analysis

Energy DE 15 MJ/kg
Protein 11%
Oil 7%
Fibre 8%


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