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    Riverina Chick Starter Crumbles 20kg

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    Product description

    This product contains saleco which supplies sodium salinomycin at 60 mg/kg as an aid in the prevention of coccidiosis caused by certain eimeria species.


    • A high protein & energy formulation to enable chicks to grow quickly
    • Produced as a fine crumble which eliminates separation, minimises feed wastage and improves digestibility
    • Contains high quality digestible ingredients for young chickens
    • Protein meals provide natural sources of essential amino acids
    • Lysine and methionine are added to balance the essential nutrient requirements
    • Contains vitamins and minerals which are essential nutrients for growth


    Nutritional Analysis

    Protein (min.) 20.0%
    Calcium 1.0 - 1.5%
    Fat (min.) 2.0%
    Crude Fibre (max.) 4.5%
    Energy (min.) 11.7%



    Wheat, maize, sorghum, bran and pollard, a combination of protein meals (cottonseed meal, soybean meal, canola meal, sunflower meal, blood meal, meat meal), vegetable oil, molasses, limestone, mould inhibitor, sodium bicarbonate, salt, choline chloride, amino acids, saleco, Riverina vitamin & mineral premix.


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    Riverina Chick Starter Crumbles 20kg


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